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If you’re concerned about the unwanted, threatening or harassing behaviors of others via mobile phone, email and/or social networking sites, you can get advice on your rights, the law in Australia, and what you can do here:

If it is a partner or ex-partner who is harassing you, there is help and support available both to protect yourself online: and to get advice on what to do next:

Online harassment when its by someone known to you, can sometimes escalate to violence or abuse. If you’re concerned about your safety, please report to police by calling ‘000’.

For more information about what making a police report might involve, click here:

If you’re concerned about your own behavior towards another person, and whether you might be crossing a line, you can seek confidential advice and support here men) or here (for women).

You can also report individuals, behavior or content online that you are concerned might be linked to the sexual abuse of children or teens, by completing this report form with the Australian Federal Police:


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Take Back the Tech

The Everyday Sexism Project

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